K01 Mobility of Young People | Youth Exchange
21st-28th August 2023 – Portugal
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In collaboration with our partners KREAKTIVA https://www.kreaktiva.hr/ from Croatia, KATADROM https://katadromart.com/ from Turkey, AVATUD https://uhiskond.ee/ from Estonia, and GEYC https://www.geyc.ro/ from Romania, we embarked on a comprehensive youth exchange initiative centered on addressing the critical issue of gender inequality. 25 participants were a part of the Youth Exchange (5 by country ), as well as a facilitator and mentor.  Our concerted efforts were channeled into leveraging the medium of cinema and documentary-making, specifically promoting gender equality and advocating for LGBTQIA+ and women’s rights.

Following the Gender Equality Strategy 20-25, “gender equality is a fundamental value of the EU, a fundamental right, and a key principle of the European Pillar of Social Rights.” Within the European Union, the aspiration to build a society founded on gender equality stands as a paramount priority, seen not only as an ethical imperative but also as a cornerstone of a prosperous society. However, it is essential to recognize that despite the EU’s leading position in global gender equality efforts, none of its member states has yet achieved full gender parity, and progress towards this goal remains deliberate and incremental.

Addressing the problem of gender inequality, especially in the lives of girls and women, entails several critical needs:

  1. There is a pressing need for young men to collaborate with women and young girls, championing their empowerment while actively challenging the deeply ingrained stereotypes that persist within families, communities, and society.
  2. Innovative interventions, designed to be appealing and tailored to the preferences and requirements of young individuals, are essential for raising their awareness about the urgency of taking action for gender equality.
  3. It’s crucial to empower young people, enabling them to become proactive agents and advocates for social change.
  4. Special attention must be directed towards developing activities for young people facing fewer opportunities (FO) to ensure that their voices are equally heard and their experiences are integrated into the pursuit of gender equality.


General: Promote the participation of young Europeans in combating gender inequality.


  • To develop essential lifelong learning skills that are fundamental for the exercise of full citizenship and active participation in social causes;
  • To raise young people’s awareness of fundamental European values, namely that of inclusion, respect for diversity and equality, and the links to women’s place in today’s society;
  • To empower young people to use artistic forms of participation in society, particularly film art.

The main goal of this project is to empower young people to overcome these stereotypes, to become active agents in the fight against gender inequality, and to train them to use film tools to express themselves and advocate for equality. On the other hand, by putting young people from different countries, from rural and urban areas, in contact with people from other generations, we will be implementing a project that, in an integrated and multidimensional way, promotes awareness among young people of the position of women in the world and of the disparities that exist in terms of geography and age.


DOCUMENTARIES: As a result, four impactful documentary films were made, each tackling different aspects of this crucial subject. These documentaries are a testament to the participants’ commitment to shedding light on the challenges and successes related to gender equality. From personal stories to broader societal reflections, each film contributes to the ongoing conversation about creating a more equitable world.

PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBITION: Participants had the valuable opportunity to present their work and passionately explain their photographs to the rest of the group. This interactive sharing session allowed them to delve deeper into the meanings and stories behind their images, fostering lively discussions and insights. It was a moment of mutual learning, where each participant’s unique perspective on ‘gender equality’ came to life, sparking dialogues that transcended language and culture. Through these presentations, the exchange not only celebrated individual creativity but also encouraged a collective understanding of the importance of gender equality in our global society. The photo exhibition resulted in 27 photos that were exhibited in the space of Mercado Negro (R. João Mendonça 17, 2º, 3800-200 Aveiro, Portugal).

BOOKLET: Throughout this booklet, you can find a wealth of knowledge, resources, and inspiration to aid you in your journey toward understanding, promoting, and advocating for gender equality.


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