Porto Femme Sessions


On the last Wednesdays of each month there is cinema at MAUS HÁBITOS. A session dedicated to women, creating a place of screening and dissemination of several universes that place women in the center.

The aim is to give visibility to the work of women filmmakers. In some sessions we will count on the presence of the filmmakers, in this way promoting the meeting between the audience and the authors.




Session #1 – 28th June | Films directed by Iranian Filmmakers

Session #2 – 26th July | Portuguese Animated Films

Session #3 – 30th August | FEMALE EYE FILM FESTIVAL Extension (2017 Edition Awarded)

Session #4 – 27th September | “For a Female Black Cinema – Brazil”

Session #5 – 26th October | Argentine Female Cinema

Session #6 – 29th November | THE WOMEN’S VOICES NOW ONLINE FILM FESTIVAL Extension

Session #7 – 27th December | BUSHO FILM FESTIVAL – Female Extension (Budapest)



Session #8 – 31st January | UBI Cinema – Films directed by female students from University of Beira Interior

Session #9 – 26th February

Session #10 – 26th March

Session #11 – 25th April

Session #12 – 28th June

Session #13 – 26th July



*Free entrance


Suggest us your work and send us a proposal to portofemme@gmail.com or xxelementproject@gmail.com!