K01 Learning Mobility of Individuals | Mobility of Youth Workers
12th-16th June 2023 – Portugal
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Achieving an equal European society, including gender issues is a priority and a basic condition for a prosperous society.
Too many people continue to violate the principle of gender equality with sexist hate speech and blocking measures against gender-based violence and gender stereotypes. Gender-based harassment continues to register alarming levels. “Mentalities are evolving when it comes to equality, but even the younger generations are not immune to stereotypes and gender disparities. Today, inequalities between women and men persist, especially in the labor market.” (European Youth Portal, 2021).


Counting on the long experience that the partners gather in the intervention and training of young people through participatory methodologies and, in some cases, through art, including with young people who experience fewer opportunities (FO), we consider the creation and implementation of a project for the professional development of Youth Workers (YW) in the area of gender equality, which uses cinema as an effective and attractive tool.
Based on these assumptions, we arrived at the following objectives:

General: Promote the professional development of YWs in the area of gender equality
-To deepen knowledge about gender equality, European values and priorities;
-Develop technical skills for the use of Non-Formal Education (NFE), Informal (IE) and cinematographic art in working with young people;
-Develop Essential Lifelong Learning skills that are fundamental to responding to the challenges of youth, particularly among young people with FO.


We will develop Preparation Sessions and Follow-Up Sessions for a minimum of 5 Youth Workers (YW) per organization. We also include contacts and virtual events that ensure the approach of these participants.
Of these participants, 3 YW per organization will be selected to participate in a Training Course on gender issues, civic participation and cinema as a promoter of it, making a total of 21 participants (of which 14 will have fewer opportunities – FO). We also have 1 facilitator and 1 trainer from XX Element to facilitate this Training Course.